Medical Performance

Increasing Turnover for clinics by approx. 30% in six months or less.

Who we are?

Medads is a sales and marketing company operating in the Medical field, who puts “Performance” as a top value.

Every marketing action, which is tailor made, has to be measurable – one that allows us to connect between the marketing actions we take and the actual business transactions. 

Our company is providing marketing and sales management service for private doctors, small and big clinics combined and works in a variety of medical fields.

Medads is made up of professional Campaign Managers, top of the line Organic Marketing personnel and also an In-House Marketing Center with very experienced salespersons that respond to the customers calls created by us, and schedule appointments in the clinic’s/doctor’s calendar.

Due to the fact that everything is done under one roof, we can optimize campaigns based on business transactions that were made de facto. All these create the highest level of optimization that provides our clients the best results.

What we do best?


— Sponsored Promotion

In Medads you’ll find some of the best PPC people in the sponsored promotion experts market. Campaigners who live and breath the medical and digital worlds.



Organic Marketing (SEO) is one the rising marketing tools in 2020. Today everyone already knows that the top results on a Google search are the most relevant an of the best quality.


— Sales Call Center

A sustainable and profitable business is a business that knows how to sell adequately. While unequivocal in the business world, sales are somewhat left behind in the medical world.


— Website Building

We build top quality, designed, responsive and secured WordPress websites. Our websites are optimally costumed for organic marketing on Google.


— Marketing Management

Now is the time to incorporate us into your existing marketing arrangement so that we can assist you to increase your clinic’s activity.


— Personal Secretary

Medads is offering a personal medical secretary service for doctors and clinics, with an emphasis on boutique and personal service.

Customers tell about us

Dr.Omer Wolf

“Our collaboration with MedAds began when we were looking for a professional body to handle all of our inquiries: written inquiries and phone calls. All of our previous attempts at such collaborations have failed, but at MedAds we found a quality sales team that coordinated us with dozens of new meetings each week, and in general all the day-to-day running is just amazing. highly recommend.”

Dr.Itay Mishaelof

“Since we started working with MedAds, our clinic has grown significantly.
From the great campaigns they do for us to handling all the referrals and scheduling appointments in my diary. I would just start a week with a diary full of new patients.”

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