About Us

Who we are?

Medads is a small sales and marketing company operating in the Medical field, who puts “Performance” as a top value.

Every marketing action, which is tailor made, has to be measurable – one that allows us to connect between the marketing actions we take and the actual business transactions. 

Our company is providing marketing and sales management service for private doctors, small and big clinics combined and works in a variety of medical fields.

Medads is made up of professional Campaign Managers, top of the line Organic Marketing personnel and also an In-House Marketing Center with very experienced salespersons that respond to the customers calls created by us, and schedule appointments in the clinic’s/doctor’s calendar.

Due to the fact that everything is done under one roof, we can optimize campaigns based on business transactions that were made de facto. All these create the highest level of optimization that provides our clients the best results.

In 2017, when we created hundreds of new calls for our clients, we recognized a real problem. Our clients cannot efficiently address the number of calls – which causes the loss of potential patients, a waste of resources and reduces the ROI (return of investment) significantly.

We realized no digital marketing company is interested in taking responsibility for handling the calls, that is why we decided to create an In-House Sales Department that responds to the calls in order to create a full and effective marketing arrangement.

Quickly we recruited top notch salespersons with experience in telemarketing that were adjusted to the medical sphere, and the results were incredible – through the sales center we managed to increase the income scope for the clinics significantly and the ROI as well.       

Further, when the entire customer care is done under the same roof, we deliver good results in the first month itself.