Our Clients

Dr. Chen Hajbi, Dentist, Facial & Neck Aesthetics 

Dr. Chen Hajbi, one of the founders of the Facial & Neck Aesthetics course of the Dental Association.

A medical lecturer at Promedics Israel in the field of aesthetics and with 9 years of experience in the field. 

Tel Aviv Medical Center

Tel Aviv Medical Center is an Innovative and designed medical center, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Tel Aviv Medical Center Provides high quality medical services for Israelis, Tourists and foreign citizens as one. The center is equipped with newly and advanced medical apparatus and has an advanced blood lab. Service is given by a team of doctors who are top experts in their fields.

Dr. Shapiro

Dr. Oleg Shapiro is an expert in Aesthetic Medicine and is within the top most experienced doctors in this field in Israel. Thousands of satisfied customers, man and women alike, who received highest quality treatment in the last 20 years, goes to show that.

Malo Clinic – Dental Care

The Dental Clinic of the Fermon Medical Center combines leaders in the different dental arenas, advanced equipment and technology so that the clinic’s clients get to have a thorough and high quality treatment all in one place. Led by Dr. Eran Fermon, the clients receive treatment by a trained and professional team, and in complete coordination and collaboration between all the leading doctors in the clinic.

MediSanto – Tel Aviv Institute of Gastroenterology

The institute holds novel testing rooms, equipped with the most advanced apparatus in high resolution. The institute’s doctors are all senior doctors at Ichilov Hospital. With an ample experience in performing all kinds of endoscopic micro-invasive procedures and in diagnosis and treatment of digestive system diseases.

Herbert Samuel Center for Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics

Herbert Samuel Medical Center is a private medical center in the field of aesthetic treatments. The center specializes in plastic surgery and aesthetic treatment. Founded to provide medical aesthetic, semi-medical and cosmetic advanced services in an international level. The center operates under the ministry of health supervision and is characterized by one of the most meticulous and professional management in the industry. The center employs senior doctors from Israel and abroad.

Hair Clinic – Leading the Field of Advanced Hair Treatment in Israel

Hair Clinic is a senior player in the International Association of Trichology (IAT) and maintains ongoing work relations with it. Treatments at Hair Clinic employ the most advanced technologies worldwide. Our team is made up of top-level practitioners, all working for the same goal – successfully restoring your hair’s health, with best results guaranteed. Hair Clinic also develops designated care products which successfully underwent rigid clinical trials and are certified by the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Yona Barak Laboratories

Dr. Yona Barak is one of the Senior pioneer scientists in the world in the field of IVF (in vitro fertilization), in Israel and overseas. The labs specialize in semen testing and enhancement. Approved by the Ministry of Health, and directly involved in creating over 30 thousand babies worldwide. 

Dr. Gil Zeligson 

Dr. Zeligson is a board-certified specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery and is a member of the Israeli Society of plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. He earned his bachelor’s degree and medical degree summa cum laude from the Rappaport medical school of the Technion in Haifa.

Dr. Itay Mishalof – Smile Designer

Dr. Itay Mishalof is an experienced doctor specializing in providing advanced solutions in the dental aesthetics field and manages a boutique dental clinic in Tel Aviv. 

Dr. Oanna Meyer – Plastic Surgery 

Dr. Meyer is a board-certified surgeon specializing in aesthetic and plastic surgery. Graduated from the Geneva Medical School in Switzerland. Currently lives with her family in Tel Aviv and acts as a surgeon and specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. A senior doctor who specializes in breast reconstruction in the plastic surgery department in Rambam Hospital in Haifa, and more. 

Dr. Omer Wolf

Dr. Omer Wolf is a graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Tel Aviv University  and has a Specialist degree in plastic and aesthetic surgery from Asaf Harofe Medical Center. Dr. Wolf is a sub-specialist in microvascular reconstructive surgery, graduated from MD Anderson hospital in Texas, USA – one of the leading hospitals in the field worldwide.